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Marc Sauter Composition Sound Design

Over ten years’ professional know-how in creating acoustic experiences.

I create music, concepts, soundscapes, atmospheres, performances and exhibitions …for fun and purpose. This is mostly done in cooperation with other creative parts (video, stage design etc.) for bigger projects.

Besides sound I also do other things – like producing special cases for modular synthesizer, teaching, webdesign, interaction programming, pixel-clicking. Variation and problem solving is always part of the job.

I work with experts in video content and projection, stage design and production together in a collaborative network. We create live audio-visual experiences in diverse scenarios. If you need something like this –

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Recent Projects / Events:

Im Garten der kybernetischen Kreatur

The audiovisual performance “Im Garten der kybernetischen Kreatur” is the result of the long term collaboration between composer Marc Sauter und visual artist Stefan Kraus (MXZEHN).

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Compositions for Kunstfest Weimar 2016

The annual Kunstfest Weimar opens the 2016 art festival with a spectacle. Light, sound, architecture, projection mapping, dance – Gesamtkunstwerk.

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Analog Audiovisual Structures

Playing around with my analog synths to create images on an analog oscilloscope. I’m thinking about making some audio-video tracks based on the direct connection between control voltage for sound and image (emitted electrons) – maybe a small live performance.

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Marc Sauter Analog Sound Structure


If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. – Nicola Tesla