Strawberry Fields

Strawberry fields forever – a night of psychedelic expansions.
The event started out with DNT Actress Antje Trautmann reading from Aldous Huxleys “Doors of Perception”. Thus prepared the audience was overwhelmed by breathtaking Hempel&Sauter that once more impressivly kept the beer hungry audience fascinated and listening. After that it was time for Jena based tekkno whizzkidz Krause Duo to get the beat going and rock the crowd to the early morning. All of this was enriched by the MXZEHN Videosculpture that altered the stage into something rather virtual and exiting…

Veranstlatungsreihe “Studenten wir kriegen Euch!”, Deutsches Nationaltheater Weimar,
Spielstätte: e-werk, Kesselsaal

November 10, 2007