MAMCO – Musee De L’art Moderne et Contemporain – Geneve

Back in Geneva! The Mapping Festival has established itself as one of the leading VJ festivals, and shows once more, that VJing is way more than people usually think. From 8th to 17th of May live video and audio artists from all over the world will present their work to the audience.
And they will meet a well educated public, as Geneva is also the home of many brilliant VJs and the poular Live Video Software Modul8.

Workshops, Live AV Performances, fassade projections and installation push the limits of interdisciplinary experimentation with digital media. And thanks to the roots in the VJ scene this happens in a very relaxed way, without the hyperimportant annoying artsy fartsy bla bla accompangying “media art” festivals, that don’t know the “streets” like the Mapping crew does.

So it’s a pleasure to be here, as the MXZEHN expirience was comissioned by the festival to build a videosculptre at the entrance to the BAC, folding around the stairs. In good neighborhood to an exhibition of german artist Gerhard Richter, Stefan Kraus, Marc Sauter and Haye Heerten built a threedimensional augmented virtuality installation from 3072 pixels, 4 audio chanels, cardboard, wooden lathes, hot glue and spax screws. Stefan Kraus will stay for the week of the festival and feed the sculpturs with impressions of Geneva, the BAC and the Mapping Festival. The sculpture thus becomes a reflection of the immediate past of the festival and it’s visitors. So if theres a guy behind several computers in a dark corner by the sculpture, it’s probably him – so don’t hesitate to let him show you the machinery behind the magic ; )
Mapping Festival Genf
Haye Heerten / The Vidness

May 8, 2009