Spektrum Berlin, 07. Nov 2015, 20:00 Uhr

Slowly, but steadily, an invisible playhead moves across a grid. Sounds and symbols make themselves visible and audible. “It was the engineers dream to free those forms that usually just serve and make them sing about themselves…” With „The Engineers Dream“ Stefan Kraus stages the relationship between sound, time and space as an audiovisual continuum, oscillating between technical precision, feverish dream and poetry.

The live performance is „work in progress“ and transposes the ideas of the 2014 released, homonymous multichannel installation into a cineastic concert experience. Three compositions by Marc Sauter lay the foundations for a visual interpretation that directly relates to spatial distance.The sensory response, which has been described as “hypnotic”, questions traditional views of time based media.

Der Traum des Ingenieurs

Ein MXZEHN Ausstellungs- und Performanceprojekt von Stefan Kraus und Marc Sauter

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December 7, 2015