Audiovisual Concert
23. March, Deutsches Nationaltheater Weimar
alva noto – univrs (uniscope version)

Alva Noto is an artist inspiring us for a long time now. And with the chance to produce an audiovisual concert for the big main stage of the german national theater in Weimar (DNT) we invited him to show his a/v-performance “UNIVRS”. Needless to say we performed our own audiovisual concert there as well. Big screen – big stage – elegant atmosphere – and an attentive audience prepared for immersion.

Bahadir Hamdemir, Stefan Kraus, Agios Fellekapolakis and Marc Sauter produced the a/v-performance “Zehnquadrat”. Special screen, special music and the full usage of the theater stage, which is also the whole layer behind the main stage – the screen is not just a screen, it is an element, an object placed on stage. The image does not just end at the corners of the screen – the screen is part of the “whole picture”, and that is the whole space you can see from the audience’s point of view.

AV Concert Marc Sauter

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“Big screen – big stage – elegant atmosphere – and an attentive audience. Ready to trip away…”

Some tracks from the show


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All photos by Candy Welz