Pforte – Audiovisual Church Concert

Site specific audiovisual performance
for the Evangelical Church Württemberg
Stiftskirche St Amandus in Bad Urach, September 11, 2012

475. Anniversary Uracher Götzentag

Audiovisual concert commissioned by the protestant church of Baden-Württemberg which held their first art competition. Make the audience see their church never the same way again after the performance – that was the basic idea. We used the rich ornaments and patterns that characterized the design of the church and projected on the cross vaults.

The soundtrack was worked out of the sounding bells of the church and divided into three acts. Act one was about the everyday routine – the well known common stuff we experience day by day. The second act included some hints that there is something different to come, while the last act opens the heavens of perception. In combination with the visuals we achieved the illusion of a changing semi transparent metallic glas ceiling.

Marc Sauter Pforte Church Concert




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Photos by Stefan Kraus