Jugend Forscht – Award Show

Award Show Bundeswettbewerb
Erfurt / Weimar, May 17 – 20, 2012

The Thuringian Foundation for Technology, Innovation and Research [STIFT] commissioned us to create the audiovisual content for the “Jugend Forscht” Award Ceremony in Weimar and Erfurt. Together with choreographer Alessia Pinto and dancer Corentin LeFlohic we created 3 video dance performances – they also served as basis for the motion graphics. The rehearsals for the dance performances were held at the Design- and Project Workshop Gaswerk, which was transformed in a temporary studio space. Camera was operated by MXZEHN VJ Bahadir Hamdemir.

The whole sound design for the the award was based on a decent mixture of avant-garde electronic and classic movie soundtrack music. All sounds and tracks were created from scratch and exclusively timed for the dramaturgy of all the video content. Since i never did hollywood-soundalike before this was my first approach on that kind of genre. Our customers liked it so much, that they even used it for other following award shows. I think they are still using it today – even if it might be a little bit out of place for some events.

Jugend Forscht - Award Show Sound Design Komposition

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Our concept for the national award was to show research as a individual and emotional adventure – to emphasize the personality behind scientific themes




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Photos by Stefan Kraus