Dachser Excellence Award Ceremony

Honor the champions – Award Ceremony
Barcelona, March 11, 2014

Global player in logistics, DACHSER, commissioned us to create a video mapping stage for the Design Hub, Barcelona, where they held their award show “Honoring the Champions”. Stefan Kraus created two mapping shows that started and structured the evening – as well as the titling for the award ceremony. My part was, of course, creating the sound design for the evening which includes two soundtrack compositions for the main video mapping shows and all the little sounds and tracks for coming to and leaving the stage and the transition of themes.

And you know how it is… composing for companies. Not too dark, not too fancy, not too gloomy – a little bit of Hollywood, but not too much. Well, i think i got it right. The main theme indicates their internal restructuring process, offering an emotional attachment to the company for all the people involved. The second theme takes them on a journey, a little bit trippy – introducing the party to follow…

Marc Sauter Dachser Logistic Komposition Sound Design MXAV

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We did not only map the stage with video projections – we designed a custom stage for the video mapping


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Photos by Stefan Kraus

Idea: Stefan Kraus & Christian Böhme
Creative Direction: Stefan Kraus
Stage Design: Christian Böhme
Sound Design: Marc Sauter
2D Animation & Compositing: Stefan Kraus
3D Animation: Lars Patzelt, Sebastian DInter
Stage Construction: Gräz GmbH mit Omega, Jürgen Schneider
Production GLC 2014: BrandL