You can book or hire me – as an artist or as a creative

The artist part

You simply book us as artists. We create live audio video performances and events in a way we like them. This could be an installation / exhibition, a live concert or a freely developed musical composition. In regard to size and scale prices are not fixed. Our current exhibition / performance project is “Der Traum des Ingenieurs”

The creative part

This is pretty much freelancing. You need a certain solution to a problem, some advice on how to best procede, the means to realize a crazy cross-media event or installation… This is what i do:

– All kind of audiowork. From recording to premastering, scoring and sound design for film, videoclips and events, editing and polishing audio material. This also includes the conceptual part.

– Interactive data mingling. Mapping data from different media to react to one another through various data protocols. This is usefull for interactive installations, media events, architecture and fancy stuff. There are many ways to do this – we prefere to use software like max/msp and touchdesigner (and such) with OSC, DMX and midi protocols.

– Webdesign. I design and program websites based on the wordpress cms for portfolio purposes, small companies and agencies. I can rescript your existing theme to customize the design or relaunch the whole site or build a legit webshop for the german market for your startup. I prefere minimal and clean design and unbloated code with the absence of useless effects.

Charge:Around 60 € per hour or near offer
For projects with longer involvement a fair package price will be found.