Analog Audiovisual Structures

Oscillator vs Oscilloscope.
Analog control voltage governs sound and electron trail


My studio is growing with more and more analog synthesizer modules in the eurorack format. Why? Because they sound fantastic. But more important: the approach is much more musically than working via a computer screen. It is an instrument and you need to learn how to play it. So I also decided to give analog visuals a try. How? – Well, in a very direct approach – with a good old analog dual oscilloscope (x/y Lissajous figures). No latency at all and almost infinite resolution. Nevertheless the cam to capture it has to be digital – no way to go back to PAL or NTSC there. …and if you think: Hey, that reminds me off an atom, or a galaxy, or a sun exploding – then you are damn right. Analog Audiovisual Structure.



First random test capture

In Use

Oscillator: E350 Morphing Terrarium
Effect: E560 Deflector Shield
Others: VCA, Mixer, Cam-Microphone / Cam and Postvideo HMDMR